Some higlights from the westcoooast! 

San Franciso!

Planking the Golden Gate bridge

Pre gaming on top of the Stratosphere where we stayed. Tooornet!

Made $180 dollars at that table

Our hotel

Grand Canyon

Plaking Gran Canyon

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet life!

Hollywood sign

Gold's gym, legendary!

just spent less than 20 minutes in NYC rushing a couple of blocks to catch the train to Trenton #wierdfeeling


Vacation's close! Countdown, 15 hours.... 10 days of freeeedom and I will spend every minute like it was my last. Tomorrow at 6pm I'll be on the bus to NYC and that's just the beginning of a journey I've been dreaming about for so long. In my dream it lasted more than a week but you do the best out of the time you've been given, right? I'm going with my, since almost a year now, partner in crime, Kalle and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else if I could. Weeeeeell, maybe Eminem but let's keep it realistic.

Hartford - NYC (bus)
NYC - Trenton (train)
Trenton - Kalle's casa (car)

Friday is spelled P.H.I.L.A.D.E.L.P.H.I.A.

Philadelphia - San Fransico (airplane)

Saturday thru Saturday
San Fransico
Las Vegas + Grand Canyon
Los Angeles 


not many things beats a dip in the pool at 1am.


Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island.
Me, Fia, Jens and David

Sweden, understand me when I'm saying... I DO NOT WANT TO REQUEST ANY FLIGHT WHAT SO EVER #bummeerrr



Shannon Stone, a firefighter caught a baseball for his son tossed by Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton and fell 20 feet and hit the ground. Shannon was conscious after he landed but died from his injuries an hour later.

My thought's are with Shannons family, especilly his son, and Josh Hamilton. Such a tragic story.


‎"and I've got a lazy eye? I dont. But I rather have two lazy eyes than glasses like that with frames inside" - Cruger. Mad love for british rap.

A few months ago.

An incredible windy, but awesome day in April with Karl and our friend Julia in Boston. 
Keeping Phillies represented where ever I go. Even at the gym. The Red Sox geeks give me the eye some times. I give them my care face.  (o.0)---[bite me]


No hamburger will ever be as american as a bowl of Mac n' Cheese.

4th of July


We spent Americas birthday in Boston, MA
Oh, how I love this country.


Weekend pics

This pic is saying "Fuck you, I'm in the states, and I like it" with a smile.

The other pics are saying the same. With a smile.
Except for the first one from the left. It's saying "Fuck you, I'm in the states and this lime is sour"

to go or not to go in the pool at 1:20am, that's the question #beaman



Counting days. Excited. Excited as fuck.


Chillin at Fia's house with take out pizza and wine. 
Tomorrow we'll hit the club again. But first, pre gaming at my house.


Me and Cassidy went to Pearce's all star baseball game.
I ate a banana. The peel ended up on my head. Cassie took a picture.

There are a few wooden benches at the field. A couple weeks ago one got in the way of my pen.
Go Phillies.

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