I want my own license, I want my own bike. I want swedish summer and swedish roads.
That's one of my wishes and it's something I can see myself fulfill in the future. No doubt!

sugar rush!

Mommy sent me me candy enough to cover the rest of my time here in the states. Awesome!

Americans can't eat salty liquorice, they hate it. What the eff is up with that?

I can feeeeeeel the spring in the air!

Hey Sweden.

We have 18 degrees celsius today. We sat outside and played cards for the first time 2011, in t-shirts.

Bye Sweden.


So, I've been lazy again. What else is new? .. 

A lot of stuff has been going on since the last time I wrote here. Apperently I've grown up a lot, according to american laws. I'm now officially 21 years old. Yay, happy-my-birthday-to-you (Pheobe). 
I thought maybe I'd give u a short (we'll see about that) summary and some pictures of what's going on lately, except for school, gym and all that daily fuss. 

So, I turned 21. Karl took care of everything to turn my birthday into something I will remeber forever and ever. 
I dont really know how to thank him, he did such a good job. I guess it's up to me to throw him a badass birthday in a couple of months. I think I already have something in mind, and thats badassssss!

We went to New York, had dinner, went to bars, met up with a lot friends before the big thing. 
We met up with Nina and AnaMaria at Time Square and took a limo together to Empire Rooftop, where we were about to spend the night. I turned 21 while we stood in line, and the truth is if you're not 21 there are certain ways to solve that kind of problem and sometimes you need to know certain people. We met up with maybe 10 friends in the line and unfortunatley not all of us got in. That runied the night a little bit for us, and especially for the girls who didnt get in.
After the place closed we slept at Anna's place on Broadway which is kinda awsome! Me and Anna went down to some market 4-5am to see if we could find sushi, sadly we didn't. I wish I had a picture of her outfit when we went there, pyjamas and wellies, awesome! Who cares anyway at time time :)
She threw us out in the morning becasue she was leaving for brunch with friends. Me and Karl walked around on Manhattan. We sat on the red stairs on Time Square for maybe an hour and just chitchated about secret stuffff!
I saw the naked cowboy for the first time, he's funny. The weather was so nice, I can definately feel the spring in the air!

Last weekend me and Karl went to Kellys vacationhouse two hours from here and met up with Kelly, Nik, Julien and Kelly's parents. We spent the night there and this is where we watched Super Bowl except we were watching it in her neighbours basement

Packers won the game, kinda sucked since I was hoping for steelers but I didn't really cared to much about it. I'm just happy I've excpreienced an other huge american thing .

The new place to hang out is definatley at Kelly's house and more particulary in her hottub, my god I love that thing. Music, some friends, something to drink, cold air, the starry sky above you and of course the actual hottub is priceless. I could sit there forever!

A hint to mom and dad.. One of these at home wouldn't kill anyone :)

And it's getting late, expect more stufffff fellas!

ESL classes

I've had my second class att college and my third is waiting tomorrow morning.
I was still expecting more but I really do enjoy to study again, even homework is fun somehow.

I guess what makes me like the class so much is that I'm, hoestly, better than most of the other students, if not all of them. I've never really been in that situation before, when there was something I liked and found interesting in school I might have been somewhere around average, and if there was a class a hated, like math, I wasn't really running for the top student nomination, smoothly spoken.

Well, it might be kinda easy but I do learn new things all the time! Expecially new words and expressions but also how to think about how you speak and how to use your english in a different way like the native americans does it.
And also I love the english language and to know you are improving is such a good feeling.

So it's definately not a waste of time, I think I learn all the new things becasuse there are a lot of small things that I really dont have to think about. It's just in my head already.

That's it with braging for today!
Now I will enjoy my sandwich and an episode of friends before I brush my teeth and all that jazz.

By the way, I'm on season one on Friends again for the sixth... or seventh time. I lost count.

keepin my nationality

We went to Ikea the yesterday. Me, Karl and Roosa went to Willow Grove mall and ended up at Starbucks when I mentioned something about candy and Ikea. We decided to check up when it closed and we actually made it on time, I think we arrived like 5-10 minutes before it closed. I sooo got homesick for a second there, it's such a feeling to walk around and read all the swedish names and see all the other things you recognize from home.

I got Marabou, Gula snoren and Ahlgrens bilar. Imma sucker for swedish candy. mhhhhmmmmmmmm!


First day of college today.

It was good, we're a class of maybe 12-13 persons from all over the world, Sweden, France, Colombia, Brazil, S. Korea, China.. you name it. I was expecting harder stuf, maybe she's just testing us in the beginning and hopefully it gets harder. I was kinda proud over being in the advanced class, but today I realized it's not that hard to make it to advanced level. 

Well, it's funny, I like it and I've done my first 3 hours outta 40, or maybe 80 depending on what I decide to do later after the first 40. Dont't get me wrong, we didn't start from scratch with "My name is"-stuff, I actually learned lots of things and learned how to see and and use words differently. 

It can only get better!

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