NBA, Sixers - Grizzlies

I don't know what to write that the pictures won't tell you.
We went to a basketball game the other day, my first NBA ever. 
At one point we had 22 more points than the other team, Grizzlies, somehow we ended up loosing 94-99.

It was a really good game, really exciting and well worth the money!

This pic is funny because our team is called 76:ers, they have 76 points and Grizzlies has 67 points.

hotter than a middle eastern climate

She is the queen! Coolest girl alive, no doubt. 
and she's damn funny too!

Latest video from Nicki and Drake, it's awesome!
You kinda need to know Nicki, her music and her alterego's to understans the beginning. I dont feel like explaining atm. I'm starting to get sick of Drake, same stuff over and over again on every track, I was really excited about him at the beginning. Enjoy. Young Money!

Nicki Minaj - New Music - More Music Videos


I think I'm getting old.. I'm seriously spending time watching swedish debates and tv-games.
Lately I've been watching several debates with Jimmie Akesson, I find that kinda interesting in some way. I watched "Kvallsoppet" today, they were talking about the swedish royalties. Could I care less? 
I watch "Vem vet mest" every night, I watch "Minuten" and I watch "Solsidan". 

I read A LOT of stuf on Flashback and a read Aftonbladet each day. Still going strong over here!
... and I pretty much dont know anything what's going on in Philly.

you ain't grindin' til' u tired

dear lord you've taken so many of my people
I'm just wondering why you haven't taken my life?
like what the hell am I doing right?

grindin' with my eyes wide


Soooo.. We got snow yesterday! 

I dont know what's wrong with whoever controls the weather over here, but do we have to get one huuuge load every single time? Just give us some.. Lagom should be an international word. And I dont know whats wrong with americans in general either. Here'se an idea, change tires twice a year and your life during the winter season will be so much easier. 

The temperature right now is +1 celsius so the snow has started melting but still, remember we got all this over one night. It looks kinda pretty, but I want sun sun, heat, heat and sun with heat, please pretty please!

Well.... this is my phone to kinda show u have much snow it was on the cars windshield.
My phone is maybe 12-13 cm high.

too young to die.

I got my first heart attack, at the age of 20. Score!

I was at Starbucks and Karl left earlier because he had to do something. I plugged in my earphones and sat in my own little world, listening to music. Suddenly this woman who works there knocked me on the shoulder and asked:
- Are you driving a beige Altima?
- Yes?
- You are being towed
- Your headlights are on.. 

She never said  I was being towed, but  that's what I heard. I guess you hear what you want to hear.. or not! Anyway, I freaked out for a half second and the headlight-things wasn't a big deal, the car stared without any problems when I left.

back to basic

Cheeers, oatmeal it is!

It only took me five months to buy oatmeal and have it for breakfast, and right now I can't explain why I didn't buy it earlier. It's awesome! Well, it doesn't taste awesome, but with some jelly in it, it tastes better.
It's awesome in that way that it's an awesome breakfast becuase, it's healthy and keeps u full!

Has anyone thought about me overdosing the word awesome? (in this post on purpose)
It's just an awesome word ;)

YMCA, Ambler


lately I've been going to another gym. Old news? I dont remember if I've been writing that or not..
Anyway, I know I haven't been posting any pictures. 

This is located in Ambler, that's a 15 minutes drive instead of like 3-4 minutes which it takes to drive to my ordinary gym. It's worth it, it's definitely worth it. The only things that are missing is Hammer Strength's awesome machines. I did back and calves today and I think I did really good. They have this rowing machine where u leaning over this thing so u'll have a plate against ur cheast. It's like T-bar rowing without holding ur upper body in the right position all by urself. Anyway, I love that thing!


The next best thing after ur workout is to change into bathing suite and, mix ur proteinshake and jump in to the jacuzzi/hottub (whatever) and just lay down for 10 minutes and relax. That's awesomeness right there!

When I got home I made some dinner for myself. 
I called and asked Amy if she bought ground beef, and she said yes.

I got home, opened the freezer, found this package and I read Ground, 85/15 and the brand was Shadybrooks (awesome?). I took it, defrosted it and put it in the frying pan. 
Amy asked me if I didn't ask her for Ground beef and not Ground Turkey... FAIL!

Dang it, I guess when u're coming home for the gym and you are starving for meat "Ground" is enough for ur brain to make a decision.  Well, it's not that bad and I thank god for black pepper and ketchup :)


I'm shaking powder again!! 
Almost a half year without shaking a proteindrink what so ever! Feels good to be back.

I found this one at Target when I was walking around looking for other stuff. 
It was cheap, it seems like a pretty good product and it taste awesome. What more can u ask for?


What else is new? 
Apparently the roads were icy this morning and the school was delayed for two hours. 05:52 am I got a call from Amy saying that I don't need to come upstairs until 9:30 am. That was just awesome!
I never really had to work today, Amy was off and took care of eveything, school drop off and pick up, orthodontist appointments, hewbrew school drop off and pick up, grocery shopping and everything else.

All I had to do was to wait at home until 12 am to take care of a couch that was delivered to our house. Hard day..... Then It was all in at the gym, legs and biceps!

We met a new swedish au pair today, well, for us she was new, she has been here longer than both me and Karl. Finally an other person to add to the "not-retarded-list". She was cool and we had a pretty good night!



This definitely qualifies as one of the most unnecessary post in this blog so far.

Well.. This is pretty much how much plastic it takes to make one waterbottle, amazing huh? .. not so much.
Also, this is what I do when I'm bored in the car, making plastic bottles as small as I can.

So save this picture, grab your notepads and write down this important information and make sure to remember where you first read about "the plastic bottles"

skiing in the states, check

Yesterday me and Karl came with my hostdad, my hostdads brother and Jake to Camelback in Poconos to ski. 

I can't remember the last time I skied, probably at least 2-3 years ago but I think I did pretty good. 
Jokkmokks Kalle has skied since before he was born so he did pretty damn good, eventhough we rented skis.

We had a nice day, the slopes.. no, the lift lines were a little bit to crowded but the slopes were perfect

Eye Heart the USA

I Just realized that lately I've been writing like exactly what we've been up to, even details and stuff sometimes. Like "today I've done this, then we did this and then we went here and blablabla". When I read blogs, that is not what I wanna read. And also I wanna see a lot of pictures, and I know I've been pretty bad at uploading pictures. 

Right now I just have to let you all know how much I love this country and how much I love americans.
Americans are just fucking amazing, that's all I have to say, amazing!

I can't see how I'm gonna be able to leave this country in 8-9 months. I know it's a lot of time left but time flies by so fast and that day I'm actually going back is going to be a sad day.
I hope all of you back in Sweden don't feel offended by that. I'm just having a great time here, It's not that I don't miss you, and I am coming back, thats for sure.


Goodbye grandpa, I'm sorry for not being there giving you a last goodbye.
I'm sure we'll meet again, until then I know you and grandma are together, watching over us, smiling

I promise to make you proud.

There's no such hard thing as a funeral. Just the though of my mother and my brother in that church really hurts me. I wish I could have been there, my thoughts has been with you all day.

busy busy

I had a productive day today!
I started with a nap.... "wooho, productive!!"   omfg, chill!

I went to what is going to be my college to meet up with an advisor who works there. We had an interview (in English of course) which I'm pretty happy with. The reason for the interview was for her to decide what level my English has. The levels are one to five, five being the highest.

Joey: Why is five (ten) the highest?
Ross: Because it's the highest!
Anyway.. It turned out that I should be happy with my interview and she considered me as a five. Wooho!
I didn't look over what classes and courses I could choose between, I felt that I wanted to take ESL classes (english as a secondary language) and I chose a General English course which includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. I'm really looking forward for school to start and I will go twice a week and the class will start at the end of this month.

That was the first thing... 

I played with Jessie today, for real for the first time. I mean.. We've done stuff together before of course but this time it was for real. Jessie has this small kitchen made of plastic in our playing room and we founded a restaurant called Jessie & Christians's Restaurant. We made signs and menus. Jessie got dressed as a waitress with high heels a cute dress and of course the towel hanging on her forearm. I was the chef. We sat the table and when Adam and Amy got home we invited them for dinner at our restaurant. Jessie asked Jake to call home from his cellphone a couple of times and Jessie would pick up and play that people called to make reservations. She wants to be an actress when she gets older and I can really she her as one. She has some really good acting skills, and she has a talent for it for sure. 

We had a really good time me and Jessie. Jessie was happy today and as I've told you before, when she is happy, I am happy.
After our fake dinner with plastic food we went out for an actual dinner all five of us, to a place were I had never been before. I just had a cesar sallad and chicken because I had already eaten and I wasn't that hungry.

After dinner I went to the gym for a pretty short session, I only did shoulders and could easily use another 15-20 minutes but what can you do, me and Karl had made plans with Louise.

After I quick shower we went over to Louise's house for some kind of reunion since we haven't seen Louise in such a long time. Then we just had a decent evening and to meet a new swedish au pair who has been here for a month or so. Me and Karl took over the kitchen and made dinner for us two. After we had eaten we pretty much just hung out, played wii, airhockey, cards and chitchatted. 

That's it for today fellas!

And here's a picture of me and Karl playing baseball that I stole from Louise's blog.
Karl won the first game, I won the other. Fair enough I guess


Here's the snowstorm in pictures.

This is pretty much what it takes for americans to freak out, about 4-5 inches (10-12 cm). The schools are closed today, and the kids are home. Fortunately my hostmum is a teacher and will be home today as well. 


We got hit by the snowstorm today. Well, here it's called snowstorm, in Sweden it's just snowing.

There is no such thing called winter tires here, they use the same tires in the summer as they do in the winter.  And they are NOT designed for snow, thats for sure. I was out driving tonight and it was just crazy.

We almost got hit by someone who came from the right when I drove on the fairway, because he couldn't stop his car. We were lucky and got away with, what I think, 3-4 feets (ca. 1 meter).

On our way home there were like for or five cars wrecks the same road, Americans need go get down with the fact that they actually have winter in the most states. Thank god I'm from Sweden:)

I was shoveling the whole driveway before I went inside when I came, I am expecting a thank you tomorrow morning!  oh no... tomorrow morning, I assume school is cancelled tomorrow, dang it! Gotta sleep, peace!

pill poppin' Chrill

I had a coupon that gave me 20% of my entire purchase and another one that gave me 5 dollar off the price at the Vitamin Shoppe. Since I'm pretty much out of supplements I felt like it was time to use them.

I got something I've never tried before, I haven't even had anything from that brand.
Let's find out if it works or not, and if it doesn't it's always good for my motivation and it makes me wanna eat better and choose the healthier option if I have the opportunity.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa, it says ANABOL on it?!  ... Come on! All of you with that kind of reaction should get a dictionary.

It's funny how so many things can be "the strongest" or "the best" in the world.
I would know since I've worked in one of the stores that sell these products, MuscleTech is the worst, no doubt!

I found Goji Berries!!  .. no, Roosa found them and I bought them. BIG LOVE, healthy and taste even better than candy!

swedish candy

Got a pretty unexpected delivery with the mail yesterday, a late christmas package from the very best (girl?) Sandra in the world! I got Marabou (chocolate), Djungelvral x2 (salt liquorice), Bubblizz (sour stuff) and also a cute little note. This was just what I needed, especially the salt liquorice. I've had serious thoughts on requesting those from Sweden. I ate one of them yesterday night that's why there's only one left on the picture.
... and I had to taste the chocolate tooooo. 

Even though I already thanked her I take the opportunity to do it again, thanks a million homie, miss you!

oh, and guess what, the securityguys torn this one open as well, imagine the dissapointment.

sickness in the building

Jessie is staying home from school today. She's in bed with a stomach ache, that means I'm home as well, doing nothing but laundry. It sucks. It always does but today I had a pretty important appointment with someone that I had to reschedule. 

So except for being home with Jessie this day is all about trying to eat good and try to make the best out of the gym tonight. I tought my pecs would be so much more soar today than the actually are. I hope my legs will react the same way after tonight, I seriously hade problem walking last week, it was horrible and also some kind of record. They have never been more soar than they were then.

all of the lights

Im having to best morning ever, I don't know why. I should be tired as a bear (winter + hibernation, get it?) but I'm not. usually this means I'm gonna be bear tomorrow. Let's don't worry about that for another 22,5 hours.

Also the kids were in a good mood this morning, I think that is one really contributing cause.
I carried Jessie half of the way to the bus stop, UGG's that are not treated for snow is a big nono, especially if your name is Jessie. Apparently she's getting a new pair this noon and more carrying is waiting. I dont mind.  It's amazing how a 10 year old human being can be so light, not to brag or anything, but I think I could carry her for miles. True story!

I finally reached the College where I'm gonna take ESL classes. Answered a few questions, left my number and name to someone that's gonna call me back. I hope she can get me started asap, I wanna improve my english nownownownow! Last time I left my number they were gonna call me back within a day.. Did not happen!

Next up is the gym, first I just have to find out what the schedule for this week's gonna look like. Feels like my back will have to prepare for some weightlifting in an hour!

Happy Birthday

It's time for Sandra to be able to go to the liquor store and to leave the life as a teenager behind.

I hope you'll have to most amazing day, that your muscles are very sore from your skitrip and that you'll get a couple of presents to tear open.  I miss you homie! ..And we seriously need new pictures of us two! This one has to be like 2-3 years old, no?

lazy sunday

I guess when the Sundays are getting boring, you know that this is your new home. Just like back home, in Sweden.

Today? Well.. 
Slept way to long, or not? Met with Karl and Roosa at Starbucks, just hung out playing cards and chitchatted. 
From there to Brick, which was crowded since the Eagles had a beat or be beaten game. Back to Jenkintown and this place called Vintage which also was pretty crowded, at least we got a table and could see the end of the game. I was pretty sure they would win but sadly they didn't. Oh well.. 

We had chinesefood at this local place and for once I got something the made me, almost, full and actually tasted really good. That was about time! ... four times ago. 
Rice, sause, chicken and broccoli. I can't see how that would fail, but with my bad luck you can never be too sure.

Rest of the night was all about chilling and Karl's place and we went through some episodes of Prison Break.
It sucks when you really don't do anything, but still we had a decent day, that's just what sundays are like.
Except from that this day can just die, go to hell and stay there, fuck January 9th.

Phillynight and Beer Pong

I took a shot last night and decided wear my MVP (most valuable player) Beer Pong T-shirt, just because it's freaking awesome. And fortunately it turned pretty damn good! 

I won all five games I played, felt gooooooood! I'm not gonna take credit for eveything, nono! You always team up with someone when you play, so I should rather say that my team won five out of five games.
Felt like I teamed with the whole world, Sweden, Denmark, France, USA, Germany and i dont know whaaaat.

The most important game though, me and Karl against these two collegeguys. Sweden Vs. USA.
I though they would kill us, never happened! To be honest I think they felt pretty bad losing against us, carface?
We tried some classic trashtalk right before the game:
Karl: Name one sport where the USA is better than Sweden?
Collegeguy: American Football!.... Basketball and Baseball
I cracked up!

Reminds me of this scene in Friends when something like that happens to Joey and he goes  "I said name one!"

Karl, Me, Ben & Nik

pretty please Kanal 5!

Tonight it's Filip & Fredriks review of 2010 (or whatever you call it). Kanal 5 play better work when I'm going to bed tonight, otherwise.. Well, there is no otherwise, I just hope it works. I can't get enough of those two. Who can?


Alone at Starbucks tonight, I'm the only one who's off. 
It's nice to just hang out here with your computer, listen to music and do what you do on a computer.
I like it!

karma is a bitch.. if you are

so I did two things to make my karma better the last couple of days, and I guess none to make it worse.

I spent new years eve in NYC, we had a grrrreeeat night, I'll tell you about later.
Sometime around 1am I guess I went outside to take some air, Karl and the others were still inside. I found this girl next to the street wiggeling around, drunk as hell. Her name was Julie and she turned out to be 22 yo, she looked like 19 to be honest!
I dont remember how, but somehow we got to talking and talked for a while. Apparently a bit of a swedish accent isn't that bad after all, she liked it, no doubt!
Her friend that was supposed to pick her up kept hanging up on her all the time. She wore a tiny dress as any other girl that night and she froze. She lived liked 40 blocks away from the club and if we would start to walk to her apartment we'd still be walking, being drunk and wearing high heels slows you down, a lot!

Anyway, I gave her my blazer and started to walk her up the street to the closest avenue. And it took me like 45 minutes to get her a cab. Next problem.. She had no cash and the driver wouldn't accept cards.
We were kind of blocking the street, so I pulled up 20 dollars from my pocket, gave it to her and then the driver left. He was kinda stressed from all the people behind him. Sucks that he just left just like that, but still I feel good.
I just keep my fingers crossed everything went well, we didn't change  phonenumbers or anything. Score!
And how do you find Julie, 22yo in New York?  Screw it, I did what I could!

When I got home the other day two dogs were running around on our frontyard, one white and one black.
No tags or anything, just a chain around their neck. The black one got  away but the white one was to curious and I got that one. Lovely dog by the way, I don't know all the raises, but something close to a golden retriever I'd say. I asked our neighbour about the dog but she had never seen it before. What can you do, except from calling the cops? Well, a guy dropped by to leave a suitcase that got away from my hostfamily on their way home from Mexico. I told him about the dog and he was like; "good luck with that, see you". 
I heard someone calling the dog so I went to our backyard but I couldn't see or hear anyone. When I got back to the frontyard the luggage guy came back, he had picked up this guy who was calling for the dog. He took the dog and thanked me like a hundred times and they caught the black dog right before he was picked up.
Both dogs back to where they belong and one of them kinda because of me. That's an other good thing I guess

back to reality

Vacation's over and the same not too old routines are back, that means I went to the gym today.
Apparently vacation, not to good food, some alcohol, late nights and sometimes kinda bad sleep isn't the code for keeping your muscles and strenght. I did shoulders and triceps today and it was the worst. I mean, I knew it would be pretty bad, but it's always so disappointing to take a few steps back.
Well, at least my shoulders didn't hurt. They really needed all the rest they could get!

Let's move forward from here!

bought myself a new girl(?)friend

Remember in highschool when I died and didn't give you my baby?
No Seriously, that was a line from Friends.

Remember when I wrote that I might be writing in english?
Im all about those thoughts again, I got a new computer today, my other one broke down BAD. I was kind of expecting it to happen anytime soon. Mami helped me to buy a new one, thanks a million, Im sooo thankful!
"Buy one yourself, you're almost 21" - I would, but Miami and New York didn't make me a richer man, it litterally raped my bankaccount. 

Anyway, I bought my computer here in the states which means there are no "aao", with the dots you know. So I think this is easier. And hey, I get to practice my english, you might hopefully learn something and my other-nationalities-friends can read what I write. That's a win win situation right?

So, my new computer. Her name is Sony Vaio and she looks like this:

Not at hot as Amber, my hootersGF, but who is? Expect from Selena.. I gotta stop talk about her, I know..
So far we get along very well, the only thing I can complain about is the sound when I have it on speakers, it really sucks to be honest. With earphones it's the same sound as any computer and I pretty much always use my computer together with earphones.

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