The end.

- Christian Andreasson


I think letting the pictures speak for themselves was a pretty easy thing to do. Do I have to mention where I went this morning? Boy I'll miss having new york city around the corner.

- Christian Andreasson


August 23rd 2011... It's been a year.

"On this day in 2010" on Facebook:
"New York city. This is a wierd mix of the hardest thing I have ever done, and probably one of the greatest. I love you bunny!"

I remember writing this, I doesn't feel like 365 days ago, and I can confirm that this is the greatest thing I've ever done.
- Christian Andreasson


oh, and BY THE WAY, I'm no longer working as an au pair!! I'm done, finished, finito, klar, fertig, valmis, terminado! 

At this point I'm just an unemployed loser with no income and two empty suitcases to pack. But this loser is still in the states so screw you!! When I'm back in Sweden, that's when the real loserness (?) kicks in.

oh well, that day, that sorrow! I'm doing what I can.

- up next: Wall Street: Money never sleeps, with a peanutbutter/jelly sandwich. What's up obesity????
- Christian Andreasson

Thursday - Pix from my skydive


I let the picture's speak for themselves. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.


- Christian Andreasson

Friday - Skydiving

So I did it. I went skydiving!! People ask me question like "how was it?" "what did it feel like?" "Were you scared?" and I can't explain what it felt like. One thing is for sure though, this is the best thing I've ever done! 
It was such an amazing feeling and it was so unreal. I was thinking about it before I went to bed last night. First I was like "okey big deal, im gonna go skydiving, people go skydiving every day and it's something I want to do". Then I thought about from an other perspective like "I'm gonna get in an airplane, go up to 12.000ft (3,65km) and... jump out". At one point I was like "are you fucking nuts, jump from an airplane? It's like asking for one way ticket straight to the casket AND pay freaking $310 for it".

If I was scared? Actually no. Not at all. True story. The instructors were so calm and I've watch plenty of movies on youtube and it looks so cool. I just wanted to get up to 12.000ft and get out! But I bet my heartrate went up the second my instructor pushed us out of the plane, when I realized there's nothing between us and the ground.

But it all comes down to this: b-e-s-t thing e-v-e-r! And I will probably do it again in the future.

Next up: bungee jump. Don't know when, but I will do it, for sure!

I have no pictures yet. They said they will send me a few pics to my e-mail within 48 hours and then I will get all pictures mailed to me on a CD-disc in 7-10 business days.
Until then, peace!
- Christian Andreasson



One month out of twelve left. My year is coming to an end!  
Mixed feelings but in all honesty I can't wait til' I step out from Landvetter airport and kickstart my life again. I am and I've been living in a wonderworld, this ain't real, this is not how life works at all. But who am I to sound all complaining, I've had a ball and will never forget this nor many of all the amazing people I met here. If I ever do for some reason (god forbid) I assume my tattoo will give me something to think about. That will from now on be one of my arguments for people who are questioning why I even did it. My next argument goes something like "mind your own fuggin business". Hardcore huh?


Speaking of my tatto, eeh, it's still there. lol. It's healing good! I lost my tatto goo tho (a green paste which you put on your tattoo for the first 3-5 days). I suspect I left it at Julia's house last night, my other suspicion is that I'll find it somewhere in my incredibly messy room. Which I, for the record, started to clean up last night. Took like 15 minutes til' Two and a half men stole all my attention and I was sitting there, in the mess, with a soda, laughing.
The day I move in to an own place should be the day I don't. It should be the day I move in to 'our' own place together with an (amaazzzinggg) girl. That way I wouldn't be as messy. "Ok Mr. old-fashioned, so you expect the girl to clean up after your messy ass?". No, you libber! Because I find my self very... less messy in a situation like that. I must have gotten that from my dad, and don't you dare say that ain't true, DAD! My mother, she can sit down in mudd and still have a clean environment around here. And with that I mean, if it wasn't clear enough, she's the queen when it comes to cleaning and such stuff. She's the queen of plenty of stuff, but let's keep it on-topic.

So now you're thinking. What's your plan when you get home? No you don't but I just made you think about it. And the answer is ...*drum-roll*... I don't know!  "Really!? That is wonderful Chris! Congratulations on your success and I wish you all the best with doing nothing". Sit down, bitch! (Hardcore x2, huh?)
I didn't take my SAT's (hogskoleprov) so I wasn't able to apply for the police academy this spring and I won't be able to apply this fall. So I will take my SAT's in October and apply in February. Apparently the police academy got reported for unfair rules between women and men during the try-out's which I agree on! Hopefully there will be some changes before I it's my turn to get on that carousel.

I applied for different jobs back and forth and I am at this moment waiting for three of them to reply, and I want good news, please!  I'm slowely starting to realize I have to get a car, especially if I get one of those jobs I applied for so that's one of many thing's I've done tonight and I'm starting to make up my mind on what car would fit me the best. We'll see! And if this blog is still alive (which I really doubt) when I get one, I'm sure I'll post a picture. Well, I'll probably post a pic of a Bentley even if I get a Volvo 740. Which I wont!! I will not get a Volvo 7 4 0. My point is that I will claim I got a bentley no matter what car I get.

Oh and the workout! I can here and now officially admit that I'm weaker and smaller than I was when I left home. True story. If I'm sad about that? I little bit yes, but everything I've done instead of going to the gym 4-5 times a week makes up for it x 100. But I miss working out. I miss working out in Sweden. I miss working out with my bad ass buddies. I can't wait to get together, OD on Animus and turn back time! Well.. Not neccessarily turn back time, but at least bring that time in to the present. And I even got a Gold's gym tanktop, how cool is that!! It will take lot's of hours before I'll wear it in a crowded gym tho, but when that day is here, boy I'm gonna hit some serious weights!
That is all for now folks! It's for times like these when I just feel like writing, I got this blog. I remember the feeling when I had an essay to write at the same time I had the I-want-to-write-feeling. That was a stright A+ every time. No joke.

Til' next time, take care! And Sandra, I see you soon!

Don't Forget, Lil wayne's new album August 29th. Until then, listen to his mixtape "Sorry 4 the wait" Dope shit.

Peace, love and the Phillies!
- Christian Andreasson


Being an au pair comes with a participation in raising the kids. According to this pic I consider myself doing a pretty damn good job minus the curse and just wrote. Philliieeeess! 

- Christian Andreasson

Monday Tattoo

Sooo I kinda lost my ink virginity today and got tatted. A really spontaneous thing, I wanted something and I thought about it during the day and kinda just did it around 6:30pm. It's really not a big deal, it's small and it's on my foot which means it's really easy to cover up. So from now on my I'll keep my fingers crossed it will stay there, apparently the foot is a tricky place.

- Christian Andreasson


Weekend pics. Pre gaming in my room followed by Black Bear but this time on a Friday for a change

- Christian Andreasson


Some higlights from the westcoooast! 

San Franciso!

Planking the Golden Gate bridge

Pre gaming on top of the Stratosphere where we stayed. Tooornet!

Made $180 dollars at that table

Our hotel

Grand Canyon

Plaking Gran Canyon

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet life!

Hollywood sign

Gold's gym, legendary!
- Christian Andreasson

just spent less than 20 minutes in NYC rushing a couple of blocks to catch the train to Trenton #wierdfeeling

- Christian Andreasson


Vacation's close! Countdown, 15 hours.... 10 days of freeeedom and I will spend every minute like it was my last. Tomorrow at 6pm I'll be on the bus to NYC and that's just the beginning of a journey I've been dreaming about for so long. In my dream it lasted more than a week but you do the best out of the time you've been given, right? I'm going with my, since almost a year now, partner in crime, Kalle and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else if I could. Weeeeeell, maybe Eminem but let's keep it realistic.

Hartford - NYC (bus)
NYC - Trenton (train)
Trenton - Kalle's casa (car)

Friday is spelled P.H.I.L.A.D.E.L.P.H.I.A.

Philadelphia - San Fransico (airplane)

Saturday thru Saturday
San Fransico
Las Vegas + Grand Canyon
Los Angeles 

- Christian Andreasson


not many things beats a dip in the pool at 1am.

- Christian Andreasson


Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island.
Me, Fia, Jens and David

- Christian Andreasson
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